Meet The Snarphs

all about snarphs

We're not exactly sure when the Snarphs appeared. Although we do know that many parachutes were left in the trees and fields. Some say Snarphs appear every time a child is born. Others believe it's the smile on a child that brings forth life to Snarphs. Whatever the tale of how Snarphs come into being, they are for certain, real. They are small creatures, that can fit in the palm of your hand. Their big eyes and colorful bodies are beautiful. The way they glide and bounce from place to place is graceful and sometimes silly.

Snarphs eat berries, fruits and leaves that they find around their homes. Sometimes they venture out of their habitats to seek special fruits. Although its' always a hard journey to get these rare foods. But sometimes it's needed, especially when a Snarph is sick. Snarphs will and go to great lengths to take care of their friends.

Fear plays a big part in each Snarphs life and is one of the biggest battles that they go against daily. You will see in the stories ahead that even though Snarphs are overcome by fear, they find out that Fear isn't as scary as they thought it was.

Snarph Details

  • Foods
    Berries, Fruit, Leaves
  • Moods
    Happy, sad, scared
  • Homes
    Cloud Towers, Flower Huts
  • Strengths
    Love, sweetness, grace
  • Weaknesses
    Fear, impatience, bitterness